Why The Anti-Trump Movement Should Take Over Star Wars Opening Weekend

It just seems too perfect of a metaphor.

A Republic toppled from within by an evil dictatorship that demands loyalty, outlaws dissent, fetishizes conformity and idolizes power, challenged by a ragtag, multicultural, diverse group of rebellious idealists calling themselves the Resistance.

Wait. What?

That is not only the basic plot premise of the Star Wars cinematic universe, but also (just about) precisely the world view of the Anti-Trump movement.

The fact that both of these story arcs (one fictional and the other, painfully, non-fictional) are converging in roughly 24 hours, is too good of an opportunity to miss!

The Anti-Trump movement must capitalize on this remarkable cultural coincidence by co-opting the new Star Wars movie release as their own by having a ‘Resistance Party Weekend’.

Picture it:

Scores and scores of Anti-Trump Americans joining up (called to action via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms) to go see the Star Wars movie together, as members of the Resistance.  Some wearing Anti-Trump garments or paraphernalia.  Others carrying Anti-Trump signs.  Everyone posting their Anti-Trump unity on social media – with the appropriate hashtags, of course.


Let’s face it, just about every Anti-Trump American is going to go see the movie anyways.  The movie itself may very well break box office records.  Wouldn’t you want to attach your movement to such a phenomenon?

And, what more perfect time than now to do it – just days after Doug Jones pulled off a stunning upset against Trump and helped to galvanize the Anti-Trump movement.

Why not continue the party?  At the movies!


Smiling, laughing faces on social media joining together, with neighbours, friends, and complete strangers as part of a weekend celebration of beating Trump will help create a self-sustaining momentum of its own.

And, how effective will the pictures/videos of such large numbers of Anti-Trump Americans be in continuing to energize the Anti-Trump movement?

Oh, yes, if this particular Star Wars trilogy (which more closely resembles the original George Lucas’ story arc masterpiece) holds true, the second part of the trilogy may very well be a (temporary) victory for the Evil Empire.

But, so what?

In the end, everyone knows (even Trump), the Resistance always wins.


That’s why  The Anti-Trump movement should take over Star Wars opening weekend and appropriate this American cultural phenomenon as part of their own fight to ultimate victory.